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Family Deliverance Retreats

The Family Deliverance Retreat is a two-day and two-part retreat. One part includes a private family deliverance session to bring freedom to children from newborn to age 17. The second part includes parent-only seminars for the encouragement in supernatural parenting.

Family Deliverance Retreats are not currently held onsite at Bear Creek Ranch. Kevin and Heather Trim travel to the host city to minister to a handful of families at a time.


The Schedule

7 - 10 PM Parent Only Pre-Deliverance Seminar
8 AM - 5 PM

Family Deliverance Appointments

  (Families arrive for appointment and are dismissed upon completion.)
7 - 10 PM Parents Only Wholeness Jumpstart Seminar
  (It is a possibility this seminar will be postponed for Sunday if deliverance appointments run late.)

Supernatural Superheroes


1. Both parents must have undergone Prophetic Deliverance at Bear Creek Ranch prior to the Family Deliverance Retreat.

2. Pre-Deliverance Materials: Children (ages 7-17) should read "Supernatural Superheroes." (Materials are included in the cost of the retreat.)



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Deliverance FAQ

For more information about what deliverance truely is and how it affects Christians, please read our FAQ page.



Read testimonies from those who have come to a retreat at Bear Creek.



Deliverance Retreat Registration

Step 1: Interview

Please contact the Bear Creek office to host a Family Deliverance Retreat
or to sign up for a currently scheduled retreat. (See Events Page.)



Step 2: Payment

After calling to sign up for the Family Deliverance Retreat,
payments can be made over the phone or online via PayPal link.

Step 3: Email

You will recieve an email from PayPal confirming your payment in full.

*Two weeks before your retreat, you will recieve a Welcome Email
and the Pre-Deliverance Materials via USPS.

Family Deliverance Retreat Cost

Cost Per Family: (varies per retreat)

Our retreats fill up months in advance and are limited to 6 families, please register early to reserve your spot.

Spaces are reserved when paid in full.

Registration fee covers all seminars. Also includes pre-deliverance and seminar materials.

Lodging & Meals:

The Family Deliverance Retreats are NOT currently held onsite at Bear Creek Ranch. They are hosted offsite. If you have to travel to the host city, you are responsible for your family's lodging and meals.
(Snacks will be available during sessions.)



Hosting a Family Deliverance Retreat:

Please contact the Bear Creek office to host a Family Deliverance Retreat in your city.