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Become a Ranch Hand

What is a Ranch Hand?

A Ranch Hand is a person willing to participate on a deliverance team.

The Invitation

Anyone who has gone through a Prophetic Deliverance and the Team Training Retreat is invited to join our teams as a volunteer Ranch Hand on any upcoming Deliverance Retreat weekends.

Our teams fluxuate with the wind because we run one or two retreats per month. Ranch Hands are not expected to participate in every retreat. Some come monthly, some come every-other-month, and some come a couple of times per year. It is up to each Ranch Hand how often they participate.


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Return to the Ranch

Anyone who has been through Bear Creek's Deliverance Retreat is invited to return free of charge as alumni for a refresher of teachings. See our Returning as Alumni page for more details.



Steps to Becoming a Ranch Hand


Prerequisite: Anyone desiring to become part of our deliverance teams must first go through (1) Prophetic Deliverance at Bear Creek Ranch and should complete (2) Deliverance Team Training at Bear Creek Ranch.


Read the Ranch Handbook. The handbook provides explicit descriptions of our style of ministry and expectations for ministering alongside us. You may print the entire document or read it on your electronic device. The last page must be printed, signed and brought with you to the first deliverance retreat in which you plan to participate. We will have additional copies available at the Ranch.


Register: Please call the office and notify us that you are interested in being a Ranch Hand to sit on a deliverance team or you may make these arrangements during your Deliverance Team Training Retreat.

Email Notifications: You will be added to the Ranch Hand Email list and will be sent notifications seven days prior to each Deliverance Retreat. Please reply to the email and let the Ranch Hand Coordinator know whether you will attend the upcoming retreat. We need a tally of all participating Ranch Hands prior to the event.

Lodging & Meals: No housing is available. Hotels within 15 miles are available. All Ranch Hands are welcome to eat Saturday Lunch at the retreat.