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Are My Children Demonized? ~ Answering parents' questions about demonization and deliverance

Supernatural Superheroes ~ Kid-friendly introduction to deliverance

Coming Soon: Supernatural Parenting

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Are My Children Demonized?

Are My Children Demonized? by Heather TrimBy Heather Trim

After people have undergone deliverance through Bear Creek Ranch the questions start coming. What about my children? Are they demonized? Can I do deliverance on them? My generational curse line is now broken, but what about theirs?

We are answering these questions based on what it looks like from our domain, from what we know about the supernatural realm and have experienced through all our years of deliverance ministry.

Topics this 18-page booklet includes:

When Deliverance May Be Needed

When Deliverance May Not Be Needed

Can I Do Deliverance on My Child? No.

Breaking The Generational Curse Line


Booklet Price: $5.00



Supernatural Superheroes

Supernatural Superheroes by Heather Trimby Heather Trim

Supernatural Superheroes is booklet for kids to learn practical information about God, His angels and how some became demons. Heather Trim does a superb job at bringing the truth about who the devil is and and the role he and demons play in the world today through demonization. She presents Jesus' Escape Plan of deliverance and how to heal the wounded soul on a level young people can understand.

*Currently the prerequisite reading for children attending the Family Deliverance Retreats.


Topics this 60-page booklet FOR KIDS includes:

1. Who, What, Where Is God?

2. Introducing Angels

3. Introducing Evil

4. Effects of Evil

5. The Escape Plan

6. Prophetic Deliverance

7. Supernatural Healing Plan

8. Supernatural Superheroes

(Includes a list of Resources for Teens [and preteens] to learn about God and pursue healing.)


Booklet Price: $8.00

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